Magic of Carlos David

   Magic of Carlos David


Four different show styles to choose from!!!

Magic of Carlos David show!

 This is a 45-60 minute full stand up comedy magic show! A family friendly show appropriate for ages 10 and up with lots of audience participation..

Festival Magic Show!

There are two festival magic shows...a 15-20 minute show that can be repeated many times throughout the day and a 30-45 minute show that can be used for a main stage presentation!

Children's Birthday Magic Show!

This is a 45 minute show designed to get the kids laughing and involved in the magic fun! The birthday child will be the star for the big effect, and every child participates in the magic!

Halloween Magic Shows!

Two Halloween themed shows available!...

Bloodlines: Ghosts of Arthur Conan Doyle is a 45 minute show designed to entertain adults and older children..

The Halloween Magic show.. a 30 minute Halloween themed magic show for all ages and designed to be repeated over and over for all day, or multiple day,  holiday events!

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