Magic of Carlos David

   Magic of Carlos David


Make your next event Fun and Unforgettable!

I can help make your event a success!

I specialize in making your event fun and helping create long lasting and amazing memories for your guests! I do this by providing professional stand up magic shows and performances to fit each unique occasion and budget....from large, outdoor festivals and stage shows to close up presentations for private functions and social gatherings !

I have over a decade of experience in teaming up with people, just like you, to ensure the success of their most important events. I bring quality, family friendly entertainment....but most of all fun!

Having a Social Event?..Keep your guests having a great time with Strolling Magic!

Strolling magic is perfect for holiday parties, banquets, hospitality, and social events in which a formal stand up style show would be out of place but you still need to entertain and impress your guests!

Strolling style magic is interactive Close-up Magic that can be done anywhere and includes performances with playing cards, coins, mind reading, and more... It's magic that happens right in front of your guest's eyes!

It's a perfect way to bring them together by breaking the ice! 

 Bloodlines: The Ghosts of Arthur Conan Doyle 

Bloodlines: Ghosts of Arthur Conan Doyle is a 45 minute parlor style magic show designed to entertain adults and older children.. 

  I've closed the book on the Houdini seance and began a new chapter...focusing on a true believer and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle... famous author of Sherlock Holmes.

What others are saying about Bloodlines:The Ghosts of Arthur Conan Doyle

"OMG for a couple of Magic lovers...we absolutely LOVED the show! So glad we sat up front so we could participate! Fantastic Show Carlos David!"       -Rhonda Hensley

"Was an awesome show tonight!! Did amazing!"
- Vanessa Crow

"It was an awesome show!! Fantastic job 10 for 10 would see it again totally!!"
-Adam Crow

"Was so funny and was genuinely stumped on how Carlos did the magic. Was socially distanced and had an intimate feeling. How he guessed my dad's name still has my jaw dropped. 10/10 would see again!"
-Paige Beaty

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night! I was not disappointed!"
-Linda Harris

"A fun time had at Bloodlines show with Carlos David! He is a great magician and thoroughly has us WOWED!! I would highly recommend his show!!"
-Vikki Sandler Clement

"Excellent Bloodlines show tonite! Would go back again"
-Cheryl Vollmer

"Most amazing talent Carlos David is so unbelievably great at his show no matter how many times you see it never gets old and amazed each time Love it!"-Connie Maloney