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My journey into the world of magic began around the age of 7 after receiving a magic kit for Christmas.... a gift I desperately "needed" after my grandfather completely amazed me with a coin trick!

Raised in the theater, working behind the scenes and performing on stage gave me the hunger to pursue entertaining as a profession, and I love it! I was fortunate having a stage musician, performer, and practical joker for a father which definitely influenced my path into comedy magic.... 

Since that time I've performed countless shows for audiences of all ages and all walks of life always trying to create the most fun and entertaining magic possible! I love performing all kinds of magic, but specialize in close-up magic and mentalism.

In addition to performing at private functions, festivals, birthday parties, restaurants, and more, I am currently collaborating with paranormal entertainer Vince Johari to create 3FoxSisters Productions in order to bring you two unique paranormal shows from the New Orleans Hotel in historic downtown Eureka Springs, AR....  Johari's Window and Pre-Possessed. Hope to see you there:)

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