Magic of Carlos David

   Magic of Carlos David


Restaurant Magic

Strolling magic for your restaurant!

Strolling magic in restaurants is often called " Table Hopping", and is an excellent way to add to your guests experience!

Having an In house magician can.....

Add Value and a Competitive Edge - Magic is extremely popular and hosting this type of entertainment is a great selling point when it comes to potential customers who may not have previously considered your establishment for their next function.

 Increase Tips for Staff - Happy customers give bigger tips! That makes for happy staff and always translates to the perception of better customer service.

Create a Buzz and Encourage Repeat Business - Customers will return because they had a great time, but they will also tell all of their friends! (Free advertising is a great thing!)

Provide Relief for Wait Staff - Let's face it, some orders take longer than others...A skilled and entertaining magician can fill that time and have your patrons so busy enjoying themselves that they don't even notice the wait. (This can greatly reduce waiting time complaints)

Help with Table-Turnover - Depending on your establishment, If you have a bar or lounge area, a magician can encourage those done with their meal to join them in the lounge area, etc. for some close-up magic miracles...

Advertising! - The two questions I get most are " How long have you been doing magic?" and " Where else can I see you perform?"  That's great for you!... if I'm booked at your establishment I will let everyone know about it. ( Including on social media, and during my other performance bookings!)

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